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Fuel distribution resumes in the eastern United States after a cyber attack

The main gasoline pipeline network in the United States announced the complete restart of its system and the resumption of delivery of its products on Thursday, after it stopped its work due to a cyber attack that Washington suggests originated from Russia, but gas stations along the eastern coast are still facing a shortage of supplies after customers flooded them out of fear.

According to France 24, President Joe Biden praised the "good news," calling on the Americans to remain calm as supplies return to normal during the next few days.

Biden told reporters at the White House that while "we will not feel the impact at the gas stations immediately," there will be "a return to normal life that begins at the end of this week and continues next week."

Frightened motorists from Florida to Maryland lined up at gas stations trying to fill their tanks and receptacles, and rising demand sent the national average price above $ 3 a gallon for the first time since late 2014 despite government efforts to ease the supply crisis.

Colonial Pipeline announced late Thursday that the entire system was back in business after it began restarting its network late Wednesday.

However, she noted again that it will take several days for the product delivery chain to return to normal and that some areas "may face, or continue to experience, intermittent service interruptions."

More than half of Virginia's terminals have run out of fuel after their tanks have been emptied due to an influx of customers, according to data released Thursday from the Paddy Gas website.