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Finance: 68.3 billion pounds, total spending on health in 9 months, a growth rate of 15.5%

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that there are presidential directives to provide any additional funds for the health sector to face the repercussions of the third wave of the Coronavirus. In a way that guarantees the provision of sufficient funding to meet the needs of hospitals for medical supplies, and the import of anti-vaccines, explaining that 13.2 billion pounds have been made available for the health sector in its various institutions since the beginning of the current fiscal year and until now, of which 1.3 billion pounds are for university hospitals, and 2 billion pounds to provide vaccinations against Coronavirus, in order to preserve the safety of citizens, and to limit the spread of this global epidemic.


"Maait" said, in a press release, today, Friday, that the health of citizens is a top priority for the government, and this has been reflected in the increasing keenness to provide an open budget for the health sector so that Egypt can overcome the challenges of the Corona crisis; In line with the directives of the political leadership to strengthen the financial support package to counter the negative effects of the pandemic, pointing out that the government is closely following the repercussions of the third wave of "Corona", and takes all decisions and measures necessary to accommodate them without exaggerating the reaction, while taking full care to proactive steps. This was recently evident in the preventive measures announced; To maintain the state’s balanced path between achieving health care for citizens and continuing to rotate the wheel of the economy, in a manner that contributes to avoiding the risks of acute shocks.


He added that the budget figures reflect the efforts made by the government to address the repercussions of the Corona virus, and provide health care to citizens, and the total spending on the health sector during the period from July to March of the current fiscal year reached 68.3 billion pounds, with an annual growth rate of 15.5%, of which 34.1 billion EGP for wages and workers' compensation, with an annual growth rate of 18.6%, and EGP 13.4 billion for investments, with an annual growth rate of 53.2%.


The minister explained that the state pays increasing attention to health sector workers, and this was reflected in the recent approval of an additional package to improve their wages and reduce the burden on their shoulders, by raising an increase in the medical professions allowance for about 600 thousand doctors and the nursing staff in the health sector at a total cost of 2.25 billion pounds. From 400 pounds to 700 pounds, and the maximum from 700 to 1225 pounds, from which university professors benefit in hospitals of medical colleges, and the reward for doctors of excellence in university hospitals that are disbursed to them during the "excellence" training period has been raised to become 2200 pounds per month instead of 400 pounds. As of the graduates of the December 2019 batch, at a total cost of 320 million pounds annually, pointing out that the new draft budget includes an increase in the wages and workers compensation door allocations by 11.4% from the projected estimates for the current fiscal year to improve the conditions of workers in the country, with the aim of directing the bulk of it to improve the wages of employees Middle grades, and incomes for workers in the health and education sectors.


The minister pointed out that the presidential initiatives in the health sector contributed to alleviating the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, especially the initiative "100 million health to eliminate C virus and detect non-communicable diseases", which the Director-General of the World Health Organization praised as the largest medical survey in the history of humanity. It is performed for an infectious disease in terms of speed, quality, efficiency, and the number of free beneficiaries, the initiative to "eliminate waiting lists for surgeries", through which more than 500 thousand surgeries were performed, and the initiative to "support the health of Egyptian women" as the most important segments of society and most in need of awareness and care. Health and others.