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Fast food is the main cause of fat accumulation and osteoporosis in children

Many children are exposed to osteoporosis at a young age, as a result of the lack of proper nutrition for the child since the early stages of life or chronic diseases such as diabetes, in addition to relying on fast food in the child's food that impairs proper growth and leaving healthy foods of vegetables that support Growth, according to the "only my health" medical site, keeping a child's bones healthy and away from fractures due to osteoporosis requires a number of steps, which we learn about in this report.

Methods for preventing osteoporosis in children

 Maintaining the level of sugar in the blood.

- Playing sports .

Proper nutrition that depends on vitamins and calcium and avoids fat.

The report stated that the periodic follow-up of the child from an early age is one of the most important ways to prevent fragility and fractures, stressing that fast food causes the accumulation of fats with age and leads to a lack of nutrients in the blood, and the child does not obtain a healthy physical structure and recover from diseases.

Symptoms usually do not appear in the early stages of bone loss, but once the bones are weak as a result of osteoporosis, a number of symptoms may appear, including back pain as a result of broken or eroded vertebrae, short stature over time, in addition to the ease with which bone fractures are more than expected.

The report advised the need to pay attention to the healthy structure of the child from childhood through vitamins and healthy foods that contain the vitamins necessary to build the body.