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Allison scores a historic goal for Liverpool in a deadly time against West Bromwich

Alison Baker, Liverpool's professional goalkeeper with the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, scored the second goal against West Bromwich Albion in the last minute of the match currently being held at "The Hawthorns", in the 36th round of the English Premier League for the season. Current 2020-2021.

Liverpool plays the match with a formation that includes:


Goalkeeper: Alison.

Defensive line: Arnold, Phillips, Williams, Robertson.

Midfielders: Fabinho, Thiago, Jones.

Offensive line: Mohamed Salah, Firmino, Mane.

And Liverpool enter today's match, ranking fifth in the Premier League table with 60 points, while West Bromwich Albion is nineteenth and penultimate with 26 points, and included the relegation fees for the first division next season.

Liverpool is seeking to win a meeting today in order to finish the season in the golden box and qualify for the Champions League next season, as the victory of Al-Reid in its three remaining matches will qualify it for the Champions League regardless of the results of its rivals Leicester City and Chelsea, the third and fourth place, who will meet together on Tuesday at the stadium. Stamford Bridge on the 37th round.

Mohamed Salah also seeks to increase his scoring yield in the English Premier League in today's match, in order to be equal to the Premier League's top scorer, Harry Kane, the star of Tottenham Hotspur with 22 goals, while the Egyptian star has 21 goals.

And Mohamed Salah reached his 96th goal in the English Premier League, during the Manchester United match last Thursday evening, to become the third African scorer in the history of the Premier League, and he also became the 12th goal scorer in the history of the Reds.