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All you need to know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of yellow fungus disease

Yellow fungi is a fungal infection that starts from inside the body and spreads quickly in different parts of it, it is described as more deadly than black and white fungi, there is not much information about this disease so far, but there are data indicating that it affects the internal organs first and then on the external organs of the whole body

 During the next report, we talk about the symptoms, causes and treatment of yellow fungi, according to "onlymyhealth".

What are the symptoms of yellow fungus?

- Weight loss.


- Anorexia.


- Tired.

The appearance of pus.


Heal open wounds slowly.


Failure of body systems.


Affects the eyes.


How to prevent yellow fungus?


Pay attention to personal hygiene. Take a shower if possible twice a day.


Do not leave food exposed for an extended period of time.


Wash your face and parts of your body that are frequently exposed to dust and moisture.


Sterilize things you frequently touch.


Make sure that the sun gets into the house to avoid bacterial growth.


Do not leave used utensils dirty without cleaning them well, as it can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi.


Maintain proper ventilation in the home, and avoid humidity in the rooms of the house.


Keep it clean and dry as possible.


If you feel a loss of appetite, see a doctor immediately.


What is the treatment for yellow fungi?


There are not many treatment options available for the growth of fungi of this type, so there is no separate treatment for it yet, this fungal infection depends on the level of immunity also people with low immunity who are more susceptible to infection with yellow fungi.