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Al-Ahly concludes its preparations today to face Sun Downs in the Champions League

The football team of Al-Ahly club concludes this afternoon, Saturday, its preparations for the Sun Downs match scheduled for the ninth evening tomorrow, Saturday, in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

Al-Ahly is training today at the Touch Stadium in the afternoon before returning to its closed camp in a Cairo hotel, in preparation for the upcoming match.

Al-Ahly's technical staff, led by Musimani, is resolving the controversy currently taking place in the team over the team’s offensive line in the Sun Downs match next Saturday in the African Championship.

 The past few days have witnessed proposals within the Al-Ahly apparatus to rely on Mohamed Sharif as a right wing and not an outspoken striker, with Marwan Mohsen playing in the offensive line.

While some others suggested continuing to push Muhammad Sharif as an open striker, as is the custom in past matches, with Hussein Al Shahat playing in his right wing position, and Musimani and his aides settle this argument during the team’s training today and before facing Sun Downs.

 Musimani also speaks during tonight's training with the team's players about several technical issues related to tomorrow's match, foremost of which is the need to correct technical errors that appear in the performance of the team and the players during the last period, and most importantly are the defensive errors that cost the team 9 goals in the last 8 local matches in the league It is a negative and very dangerous indicator for the team's defense, so the matter must be remedied in the two matches of the Sun Downs in the African Champions League quarter-finals.