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3 people detained in connection with the "Italy cable car" accident

The Italian police arrested 3 people, today, Wednesday, against the background of the cable car crash that killed 14 people in northern Italy, saying that investigations revealed "tampering" with the safety brake system in order to avoid delays in the cable car service, which prevented the brakes from engaging after the cable break the main.

According to the Emirati Vision website, sources said that at least one of the three people who were interrogated during the night confessed to what happened. He said that a fork-shaped hook was placed on the emergency brake to disable it, because it was operating automatically and prevented the funicular from operating.

The hooks were put in place several weeks ago as a temporary fix to prevent further disruptions to the cable car service that takes mountain enthusiasts to the summit of Mutaron, overlooking Lake Maggiore.

After cutting the cable on Sunday, the cart fell 20 meters off the ground and rolled down a cliff before being stopped by trees. The accident killed 14 people. The only survivor was a 5-year-old boy, but he was still in hospital.

The three people who were arrested were the owner of the cable car service, the director of the company, and the head of the service.