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The presenter of the interrogation of Heikal: The minister took a collision course in his policy and dealing with institutions

Representative Nader Mustafa, deputy of the Culture, Media and Antiquities Committee in the House of Representatives for the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians, confirmed that Osama Heikal, the Minister of Information, took a collision course in dealing with either the media or other parties, explaining that despite being a person qualified to hold the position, why has his performance become That thin?!.

The representative of the Culture and Information Committee in the House of Representatives considered that Haykal considered his mission as an honorary position and did not protect the secretariat entrusted to him, which made it transformed from a scarf on a chest to a rope on his neck, stressing that it created a separation and separation between media institutions, which is an unparalleled precedent. He did not coordinate between the bodies, but turned to hostile media agencies and institutions. The bodies also issued what denounced his statements and insulted his relationship with journalists, and accused media professionals of their professionalism and honor, which was considered the biggest stabbing against the media professionals themselves.

He pointed out that the role of the ministry was mainly to develop a strategy for the media, saying: "We waited for years to have a minister of information, so has he succeeded in filling the media void for that and did not address this important and required aspect."

He stressed that the committee waited within 45 days for "Heikal" to respond to them with an amendment in his policies or interest in what was stated in the committee's report and criticisms, but rather sent a negative message indicating lack of interest, indicating that his disapproval of summoning the council changed from dissatisfaction not only from the committee's deputies or from the session. The general opinion of the "representatives" is rather from the speaker of the parliament itself, saying: "The parliament dealt with capacity for a long time, but it is waiting to appear before it .. and our criticisms are based on facts of successive mistakes, including the intermarriage between the authorities in combining two actions during his presence in the House of Representatives, and also now." He showed his work as a minister of state and his presidency of the Media Production City, which makes him a crude and unacceptable marriage. "

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