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The Iraqi Commission: There is no retreat from the date of the parliamentary elections

The Iraqi Elections Commission has confirmed, again, that the date for holding the parliamentary elections on the tenth of next October is inevitable and will not be reversed.

The commission said in a statement reported by Alsumaria News today, Tuesday, that it continues its steps and preparations for the parliamentary elections, according to timetables for an operational schedule that does not tolerate change in its stages, leading to the achievement of elections that enjoy the confidence of the Iraqi street and its societal forces.

She indicated that she expects societal forces to interact with the anticipated electoral event, as that election is of great importance for stability and the representation of the will of the electorate through the ballot box.

The Commission called on political alliances, parties and candidates to take advantage of the remainder of the available period to receive the registration of political alliances and lists of candidates on their last date, on the first of next May.