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Newspaper: Criticism of the founder of the Italian Five Star Movement after defending his son, who is accused of rape

The founder of the Italian star movement "Pepe Grillo" was criticized in Italy after defending his 20-year-old son, Giro, who was accused of raping a 19-year-old girl with three other friends in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

The Italian newspaper "The Journal" indicated that the youths defended their innocence, but the prosecution holds that the matter was not sexual intercourse but rather rape, and a trial was requested against them, as the case is still in the preliminary stage.

Grillo claimed the innocence of his son and asked if there were indications that he had committed this crime, but the prosecution confirmed that there is a selfie that will be used in the investigation, and he also claimed that any sexual activity related to his son was consensual, indicating that no one was arrested.

Prosecutors are expected to decide soon whether to pursue charges against the four suspects in the case, but Grillo was widely criticized and mocked for his reaction, which some Italian politicians described as "biased against women."

Former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who was chosen as the new leader of the party, said he understood “Grillo’s suffering as a father,” but stressed the need to protect others in the case, saying, “We cannot overlook the presence of other people ... They must be protected and their feelings fully respected, that is, the girl. Small direct participation. "

Deborah Ceraciani, a spokeswoman for Democratic lawmakers, also condemned Grillo for using his influence "to cast blame on a girl who denounced rape."

The party Grillo founded in 2009 garnered the most votes in Italy's last general election before former Prime Minister Conte was pressured to resign earlier this year amid criticism over his plans to deal with recovery funds from the European Union.