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Mexican drug cartels use drones to attack police forces

Local reports said that a drug gang influential among the major Mexican drug gangs has used explosive drones to target the police and their officers, and this is the first time that Mexican media outlets have revealed that drug gangs used drones to attack law enforcement agencies in the country.

There was not much information about the recent attacks by drones on the police forces, but the Intelligence Patrol, which is concerned with intelligence affairs, revealed in a recent report that an attack took place in the town of "El Aguaji", a small community in the state of "Michoacan", which 350 miles west of the capital, Mexico City, is the birthplace of the Mexican drug baron, Nemesio Usigura Cervantes, known as "El Minco" who leads the "CJNG New Generation Congregation" gang, one of the most powerful drug cartels in the country.

Over the past month, the CJNG gang has engaged in a fierce, bloody war against another rival gang called the United Cartels, in a struggle for control of the Michoacan region. It was caught between the two drug gangs in the area, forcing hundreds of residents to flee the area.

During the past week, police forces deployed their personnel on the "Abazinjan-Aguilela" highway to clear it of a number of barricades erected by the two warring drug gangs to impede any operations or attacks between them.

While the police forces were carrying out the process of clearing and repairing the highway, members of the assigned police unit were attacked by at least two booby-trapped drones. Two officers were wounded in the attack, and they were taken to hospital for treatment and left after receiving treatment.

Neither gang has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, Mexican police sources said that the design of the drones used in the attack last Tuesday was very similar to two other drones that were found in August 2020 in the city of "Tepalcatepec", a city in the state of "Michoacan".

Intelligence Online reports that the two drones were found in an armored vehicle carrying members of the CJNG gang, and that it was damaged during an attempted attack in the city of Typalkatbek.

Local reports indicate that the two drones were equipped with remote detonators, and a plastic container filled with C4 C4 explosives and small metal balls was attached to them.