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Italian "Toto Mercato": Juventus president wins the Golden Pig award after the failure of the European Super League

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli won the sarcastic "Golden Pig" award, after the failure to establish the European Super League, which the Juventus president had helped try to create.


The Golden Pig award is an Italian satirical award given to the worst athlete in Italy who has had a bad week.


And the Golden Pig was awarded to Andrea Agnelli, after he was one of the main supporters of the creation of the Super League, where the tournament failed before 48 hours passed, after he found great opposition from different governments, fans, the International Federation and the European Union.


The Italian site "Toto Mercato" confirmed that the award for the very giant Golden Pig arrived in front of the Allianz Stadium in Turin, in preparation for awarding it to President Agnelli.

UEFA President Alexander Severin confirmed that the European Super League Championship is a "spat" in the face of football, and this came in strong statements from the President of the European Union, against the creation of the so-called European Super League, on Sunday, with the participation of 12 clubs.

In his statements, the president of UEFA attacked Andrea Agnelli, the Italian president of Juventus, saying: "It is the biggest disappointment ever, I have not seen a person lie so many times as insistently as he did, it is unbelievable."

About Agnelli, he added, "I have never seen someone lie as many times and persistently as Agnelli did. I spoke to him on Saturday afternoon and he said they are all lies and rumors. Greed allows all human values ​​to evaporate. He has a false personality, which I am disappointed with."

Then Ed Woodward, chief executive of Manchester United, said: "He called me last Thursday evening saying that he is very satisfied with the new Champions League system and fully supports it, while he had signed something completely different (the Superleague)."

He continued, "We did not know that there were snakes near us, now we know. I have seen many things in my life, but I have never seen people like these," referring to Agnelli, Woodward and the European Super League participants.