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Iraq declares its need to produce more energy during the next ten years

The head of the Iraqi Commission for Controlling Radioactive Materials, Kamal Hussein Latif, said that his country will need to produce more energy during the next ten years, which cannot be achieved with oil or gas fuels for many considerations.


Latif revealed - in a statement, reported by the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) today, Thursday - "that many American and Russian countries and companies have approached the possibility of building nuclear reactors in Iraq, indicating the possibility of building such reactors within 5-6 years if there is the political will to do so.


He explained that the period of building these reactors includes preparing the scientific cadres working in them, with the possibility of speeding up procedures for Iraq to obtain these reactors.


He pointed out that America and Russia are fully aware of the types of reactors, and there is no objection about them because they are safe, sound and dedicated to producing electricity only.