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How to get rid of cracked heels ... Learn the causes and treatment

Cracked heels are a serious problem, because they not only spoil the appearance of the soles of the foot, but they also cause uncomfortable painful sensations, if you ignore this problem and do not deal with treating cracks, the situation will get worse, and during the following report we monitor many causes of cracked heels and folk remedies to treat them, according to who Girliciousbeauty.

Why do cracks appear on the heels: the main reasons

Heel cracks are of two types: deep and in the form of small cracks, in both the first and second cases, the treatment of cracks should not be postponed, and this problem should be taken seriously, and among the main causes of cracked heels are:

Dry skin of feet: Use moisturizer regularly to avoid chapping.

- Uncomfortable, narrow and bulky shoes: Always wear comfortable shoes.

Many addiction rehabilitation facilitators have found cracked feet to be common with addicts. So, to have a smoother, prettier heel, get rid of this addiction.

Chronic skin diseases: You need to see a dermatologist if the problem is related.

Foot hygiene: Take care of your feet, wash them, moisturize them, and eat a healthy diet. If you don't care for your feet and heels properly, not only small and shallow cracks turn out to be a big problem, but they can also become inflamed if they become infected with sweat, dirt, or infection.

Vitamins for healthy heels

Vitamin A:

It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, teeth, hair and nails, promotes the rapid healing of the skin, and has a beneficial effect on its regeneration, in the form of carotene, this vitamin can be found in peppers, carrots, berries, vegetables, parsley, spinach, basil, sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E:

You can also call it the vitamin of youth, which is a powerful antioxidant, stimulates cell growth and division, rejuvenates the body, moisturizes the skin and enhances the action of vitamin A, and enhances its absorption by the body. Products include corn oil, vegetable oils, legumes, and grain crops.


Home remedies for cracked heels:


Get rid of cracks on onions:

Take a small onion, chop it or chop it in a blender, leave the compress overnight, and in the morning rinse the remnants of the mask with cold water, then treat your heels well with a pumice stone and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream on them.


Contains acid ideal for getting rid of chapped, dry skin and cracked heels, take a medium-sized lemon and cut it in half, put on your heels the peeled lemon halves.