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Hillary Clinton warns: The Corona boom in India threatens to die of one million people within months

Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, warned of the seriousness of the situation of Coronavirus infections in India, stressing that India is facing a surge in infection that threatens the death of many citizens in the coming months if the epidemic situation continues in India, asking everyone to participate in organizations that help patients and workers On the front lines of the pandemic.

Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, tweeted on her official account on the "Twitter" site, saying: "India is facing a surge in cases of Covid virus that threatens to kill up to one million people over the next few months."

The number of Corona virus victims in India jumped to more than 200,000 today, Wednesday, the bloodiest day in the country so far, as lack of oxygen, medical supplies and hospital staff exacerbated a record number of new infections.

The second wave of infections saw at least 300,000 people contract the virus every day over the past week, flooding health care facilities and crematoria and prompting an increasingly urgent international response.

According to the CNA news site, the past twenty-four hours brought 360,960 new cases for the largest total in the world in one day, raising the number of injuries in India to nearly 18 million, with 3,293 deaths recorded, bringing the number of victims to 201187.

In the capital, New Delhi, ambulances queued for hours to transport Covid-19 victims to makeshift cremation facilities in parks and parking lots, where bodies were cremated in rows of funeral crematoria.

Coronavirus patients, many of whom are struggling to breathe, have flocked to a Sikh temple on the outskirts of the city, hoping to secure some of its limited supplies of oxygen, and hospitals in and around the Indian capital have said that oxygen remains scarce, despite commitments to increase supplies.