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Global Health: All Corona vaccines are given by injection and not by inhalation or tablets

Dr. Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr, Director of the Infection Risk Management Unit at the World Health Organization, stressed that we welcome any new technologies related to vaccines, especially that vaccines need all experts to discover their nature and know their characteristics that can be adopted, manufacturing capacity, and all Corona vaccines are injected. There are no vaccines for corona virus by inhalation or by pill.

For his part, Dr.Ahmed Al-Mandhari, the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, confirmed during a video conference of the World Health Organization that we are striving with every effort to deliver vaccines to the Eastern Mediterranean region, and to contract with any supplier, and to be included in the well-known list, through recognized institutions. At the World Health Organization, it is recommended that states monitor products such as vaccines, to not publish unapproved vaccines over the Internet.

He added that there is an increase in deaths and injuries, but there is a decrease in the number of deaths and injuries in some countries of the world, explaining that a sound scientific approach must be followed, and the focus of the conversation is to provide vaccines for everyone, indicating that there are challenges that we have to overcome, and we will succeed, God willing, in cooperation together And the publication of the vaccine umbrella, especially for countries that suffer from a shortage of resources, so we must work to make the matter successful, and the Kovacs facility is responsible for distributing vaccines to all countries, explaining that we are suffering from an epidemic of misinformation.

He pointed out that since the first day since the beginning of the epidemic, there has been a fierce attack by some bodies and people against sound thought against this virus, and we are dealing with an epidemic of misinformation, explaining that there is no information published on social media that we trust, or the people inside it. It is necessary to refer to state institutions, and as a citizen I have to resort to the competent authorities, and there are laws that confirm that spreading false information exposes you to punishment.

He explained that no country in the world can protect itself even if it arrives to vaccinate 100% of its population, but we all have a duty to provide the vaccine for everyone, explaining that there are some terms that circulate between us daily, and all of us must deal as one community, and resort to values ​​and principles, Otherwise, we will all lose, adding, we must resort to science, challenge and heat to deal with this pandemic, and we must not forget the categories of refugees and immigrants, most of whom are in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, and we must give them priority, give them vaccinations, provide them with support, and give generous support to them.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Manzari said: Ramadan is at the gates, and Ramadan is a month for Muslims, a month of optimism and generosity and extending a helping hand to all, and our fathers have done a lot in this month, and we must take advantage of this month to extend a helping hand to everyone, regardless of gender, and to deal with the pandemic in various ways, including vaccination.

From his side, Dr. Ted Chaiban, UNICEF's Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said that there was a review of sites that spread false and misleading information, and UNICEF and the World Health Organization play a role in protecting people, and the press has an important role in disseminating correct information, as it played a role during the spread of the Ebola epidemic, Data from various languages ​​were provided to provide accurate information about the Corona virus, to make sure people get the correct information, such as wearing a mask, personal hygiene, and physical distancing, as people are exhausted and when they are exhausted they hear inaccurate information, and we have talked about the safety of vaccines, and take this opportunity To join the call to action and continue to give confidence to vaccination, we have come across this misinformation about vaccines in general.

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