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Express: There is no specific timetable for the opening of the "Brexit" museum

The British newspaper "Express" said that the Museum for Brexit is one of many proposals to remember the 2016 referendum and its final repercussions for the exit of the Kingdom, although the idea of ​​establishing the museum has begun to take shape, but there is no specific timetable. Determines when to open.


Supporters hope that the site, which has yet to be constructed, will be used to celebrate the return of full British "sovereignty", and supporters will be pleased to know that the first few items of the museum have been secured.

Alex Dean, a curator of the museum, said they would buy a property after they had raised just under half a million pounds, adding that this amount would allow the museum to become an entity.


He added, "Our immediate goal is to raise 400,000 pounds to buy a property, pointing out that the next goal is to raise 250,000 pounds to establish the museum, and this includes employees with appropriate organizational and administrative backgrounds."


The museum's charity has set a goal of raising one million pounds, after which he can start building the museum.


Supporters of the idea have just succeeded in obtaining government approval to form a charity for the museum, and this news means that this association can start collecting donations, buy a site, and start setting a timeline to make this idea a reality.