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Converting 9,500 cars to run on natural gas during the first quarter of 2021

Nevin Jamea, Minister of Trade and Industry and CEO of the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Development Authority confirmed the continuation of cooperation and coordination between the Enterprise Development Authority and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources represented by Cargas and Gastech to implement the presidential program for converting cars to work with natural gas in order to save citizens and car owners in the price of energy And reducing pollution and preserving the environment, she indicated that during the first quarter of this year, the agency, in cooperation with Cargas and GasTech, transferred 9,500 cars, with a total financing of 75 million pounds.

Nevin called on the citizens and owners of small enterprises to convert their cars to run on natural gas and take advantage of the savings achieved by gas consumption in operating expenses, which amount to approximately 55%, which helps them to benefit from the difference in meeting the other needs of the project, adding that workers in the field of transportation and collective transport are owners Taxis, owners and microbuses will also benefit from the savings that gas consumption brings in increasing their income and facing gasoline prices.

Dr. Raafat Abbas, head of the central sector for non-financial services in the agency, confirmed the strong demand towards converting cars to work with dual fuel, natural gas / petrol, especially in the context of the savings resulting from the conversion, as well as that the cost of the conversion is simple, which car owners can pay in installments ranging from one to five Years through the two Cargas and Gasatech companies, at their supply stations or through Fawry outlets, and the required documents are limited to the car license, ID card and the accompanying receipt to prove the place of residence of the car owner, and the transfer process does not exceed 4 hours.