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Because the picture is looking sweet ... I know the most beautiful places of photography in the governorates of Egypt

In recent years, photo sessions have become an important part of celebrating many important moments in our lives, especially engagement, wedding, wedding feast or even Christmas. And sometimes the celebration of these occasions is limited to a good photo session that will forever be remembered. And because the photography site is the most important factor for a good photo session, many people look for unconventional sites for photography with wonderful landscapes, which are available a lot in Egypt, but many may not know it.

Therefore, "The Seventh Day" provides you with a map of the best "Photography" places in Egypt in the various governorates, according to the experiences of a number of professional photographers:


Matrouh governorate is characterized by its soft sandy beaches and calm waters, which are two ideal components for wonderful photos. .


Sakakini Palace

Photographer May Hendawy also nominated the Sakakiny Palace, one of the oldest palaces in Egypt, located in the center of Cairo, specifically in the Al-Zahir region. .

The shortest

She also pointed out that Luxor is also one of the most beautiful governorates in Egypt, in which several photo sessions can be held, because it contains places designated for that, and it is called the City of the Sun, and one of the most suitable places for filming sessions in Luxor is by the Rams Road, Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak.


Photographer Yahya Ahmed says that the Fayoum governorate contains many places eligible for photography, such as the village of Tunis, which is on the banks of Lake Qarun, a village famous for pottery making, where most of the village's people work with pottery, and its houses are distinguished by their distinctive design and beautiful drawings for most of them.

West of Suhail

He also nominated the West Suhail area in Aswan and said that it is characterized by beautiful Nubian houses, as well as beautiful natural landscapes, and is located on a sandy foothills west of the Nile.

The blessing of King Farouk

He also nominated the pond of King Farouk in the city of Dahshur, which is located in the city of Dahshur, and next to it is the king’s resting place, and there are activities such as catching ducks and everyone goes there to hunt.

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