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A medical test for Abdullah Jumaa determines his position on the Hodod Haras match

Abdullah Jumaa, the left back of the first football team of Zamalek Club, is undergoing a medical examination on the sidelines of the group training that will be held today, Monday, in the framework of preparing to confront the border guards.

Jumaa suffers from a strain in the connective muscle, which caused him to be excluded from the Zamalek list for the Senegalese match that brought them together on Saturday night, and ended with Zamalek winning 4 goals to one goal.

Despite the victory, Zamalek bid farewell to the African Champions League after the Tunisian Esperance drew with Mouloudia Algeria with a goal for each, so Esperance ranked the top of the group with 11 points, and in second place Mouloudia with 9 points, then Zamalek with 8 points, followed by Tongith 4 points.

Zamalek's medical apparatus is seeking to equip Abdullah Jumaa before the Hodod Haras match, to be held next Wednesday, in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup tournament.

The medical apparatus of Zamalek revealed that Abdullah Jumah’s return will not be rushed, especially as the player prejudices himself in participating with the national team, as well as the Mouloudia meeting in Algeria in the fifth round of the Champions League competitions, so he will fully enter a qualifying program before returning to group training. For the white team in the next stage, especially since the team does not suffer on that front, given the readiness of the duo Mohamed Abdel Shafi and Ahmed Aboul Fotouh.