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6 provisions stipulated in the Civil Service Law for employee secondment internally or externally, which are known

The Civil Service Law stipulated several provisions for loaning an employee in the state’s administrative apparatus to any party and another, and the law put in place 6 provisions for loaning an employee.

The loan provisions include the following:

Administratively, the seconded is subject to the authority he is seconded to with regard to supervision, guidance and discipline

It is not permissible to upgrade the seconded person until after his return and completion of the interval necessary for the promotion

The loan period is included in the employee’s contribution to social security and the entitlement to the allowance

The secondment period is included in the employee’s service period

The term of the leading or supervisory position expires on secondment

The employee must return to the entity from which he is seconded within fifteen days from the date of the end of the internal secondment and three months from the date of the end of the external secondment