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Pyramids are the last victims of magic ... goats and animals take down the pharaohs in Senegal and Niger

Pyramids Club documented the latest types of magic in African football, after its match with Namungo, Tanzania, witnessed a strange occurrence, in the match that ended with the victory of the heavenly team with a clean double in the second round of the group stage in the African Confederation Championship, the magic effect was nullified.

The Pyramids Club mission filed an official complaint with the Confederation of African Football against Namunjo officials who are organizing the Tanzania National Stadium, after they were surprised by spraying a strange white substance on the team's players' clothes, before they reached the match stadium, causing them itching in their body, amid a complaint from all members of the mission, whether players or equipment Technical.

Before the match, the mission was forced to put clothes and shirts in the water to disinfect them from foreign matter, and put them on the stadium floor to be exposed to the sun.

The observer confirmed the incident in his report, and allowed the Pyramids team to change the agreed uniform instead of full black to appear white in black, in light of what the basic shirt was exposed to after putting the foreign substance on it.

Apart from that strange material, the continent of Africa has witnessed many facts, especially those related to magic before the matches, and therefore the brown continent can be called "the land of magic."

Pharaohs and magic

In 2002, the national team found animal bones engraved with writing and talismans under the bench, in a match that the "Pharaohs" lost at the opening of the tournament with a free goal against Senegal.

The national team suffered from magic in Africa also during the African Nations Qualifiers in 2012, when the Niger national team introduced some animals to the field, with a person wearing strange clothes similar to the form of witches in ancient myths, to roam the stadium with goats before leaving, to lose the "Pharaohs" 0- 1.

The most recent of these incidents was last January, during the African Nations Championship, when the Cameroon National Team used magic during their match against Zimbabwe at the opening of the tournament.

The British newspaper "Sun" and the global website "Goal" published a picture of Zimbabwe's coach, Zdravko Lujarosic, sitting next to a dead bat at the midfield point, with a paper he carried that read: "Works of magic in Cameroon."

Cameroon faced the same accusation in 2002 before the meeting with Mali in the semi-finals of the African nations that was held on the land of the latter, which ended with Cameroon's 3-0 victory at the time.