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Poland announces the lockdown of the country from next Saturday to contain Corona

Poland announced today, Wednesday, that it will impose restrictions across the country as daily infections with the Corona virus reach the highest number this year.

Poland is implementing general isolation measures at the provincial level in an effort to contain an increase in infections caused by the highly contagious strain of the virus that was first discovered in Britain, but the government said it may resort to imposing a general isolation at the country level if the numbers continue to increase.

Health Minister Adam Niedzelski told a news conference that theaters, shopping malls, hotels and cinemas will be closed from next Saturday until after Easter. Schools will completely switch to online learning, even for young children.

"We can no longer only proceed with the regional restrictions. The only way now is to extend these restrictions to all parts of Poland," he added.

"If this step does not lead to an alleviation of the pandemic, or at least slowing the pace of its third wave, then the next step will be general isolation in all its depths ... and during which everything will be closed completely," he said.

He reported that roughly 52 percent of the infections are related to the British ancestry.

The country of 38 million people recorded 25052 new cases of Covid-19 today, Wednesday, a significant increase from the largest number in 2021, which is 21,049 recorded on Saturday. There were also 453 deaths linked to Covid-19 today, Wednesday.

Poland recorded a total of one million and 956,974 cases of coronavirus and 4,8032 deaths from it.

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