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Newspaper: Italy imposes distance education from tomorrow to counter the spread of Corona

The government of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has approved a new decree that includes measures to contain the Corona virus in the country that provides, among other things, distance education in the areas most vulnerable to infection.

The decree will enter into force on March 6, and will remain in effect until April 6, and its aim is to prevent the spread of the virus in the coming weeks, on the occasion of the celebration of Holy Week, according to the Italian newspaper, Al-Massagero.

The newspaper pointed out that there is concern in Italy about containing the infection, especially the various variants of Corona, which are spreading all over the country, a situation that must now be managed by the new person who is responsible for the state of emergency, the former commander of NATO forces in Kosovo Paulo Fegliolo. Its main task is to speed up vaccination.


Health Minister Roberto Speranza explained, in a press conference held at the Chigi Palace, the seat of government, that the country is divided into colored areas - white, yellow, orange, and red - depending on the risk of infection, as, "In the red zone, schools at all levels will receive lessons. Remotely "as well as" in areas where the infection rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days was higher than 250.

To help parents who must take care of their children at home, the executive has considered subsidies of € 200 million in parental leave, according to Minister of Regional Affairs, Marístella Gielmini.

For his part, Speranza indicated that the goal is to protect the health of citizens and called for continuing to respect security measures, such as the use of masks, constant hygiene and avoiding crowding, "adding:" I want to make a new appeal to our citizens, it is clear that we need strong institutions that make decisions and tell the country how it is going. Things, we are in an epidemic stage that cannot be underestimated, but we also need everyone's contribution. ”He added that the epidemic is not overcome by decree but by the behavior of all people.

The decree stipulates that cinemas and theaters can be opened from March 27 in the Yellow Zones, as long as there are pre-designated seats with online reservation and the capacity does not exceed 25% of the maximum capacity, and up to 400 spectators in the open air and 200 indoors in the room.

Museums may also be open on Saturdays and holidays, when capacity is guaranteed, while gyms, swimming pools and ski resorts will remain closed.

It will not be possible to leave the autonomous regions or provinces until March 27, except for reasons of work, health or necessity; Hairdressers, barbershops and beauty shops will be closed in all red areas.

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