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Libyan Parliament Speaker: The prime minister can present his full cabinet formation tomorrow

The head of the Libyan Parliament, Agila Saleh, said that the head of the unity government can present his entire ministerial formation at tomorrow's session, according to an urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV a short while ago, adding that granting confidence to the new government is linked to completing its formation.

For his part, the Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, announced today, Tuesday, his readiness to change any name in his formation within an hour and to present it again, after the dispute over the amendment mechanism, demanding during the Libyan Parliament session, all parties to agree for the future of Libya.

The Libyan Prime Minister pointed out to the obstacles and pressures that he encountered during the period of government formation, indicating that quotas and balances imposed themselves, and that he had chosen only one member in the government that he was supposed to form in full.


Dabaiba pointed out that he was not comfortable with forming an expanded government of 27 ministers and 6 state ministers, and he would have preferred to have a mini government with no more than 17 members, especially as it is a not long working government whose primary mission is to unify institutions and achieve reconciliation and bring the country to elections on time.

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