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Lebanon cancels the requirement to examine the Corona virus for travelers who received the vaccine

The Lebanese Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, issued a decision that abolished the requirement to conduct a laboratory examination for the detection of Coronavirus (BCR) when traveling through land, sea and air crossings, for travelers who received the anti-virus vaccine.

And Lebanon had recognized with the beginning of the spread of the Corona pandemic that travelers coming to it through the various crossings must conduct a PCR examination a few days before travel, and that the result of the examination be negative (not infected with the virus) as a condition to enter the Lebanese territory, while not allowing travelers who appear. Examination of their infection with the virus or showing symptoms of infection, by boarding aircraft coming to Lebanon.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health stated - in a statement - that the traveler must have received two doses of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, and that at least 15 days have passed from the date of receiving the second dose, provided that travelers present the vaccination certificate when they cross any of the crossings in order to prove that they have obtained On both doses of the vaccine.

And she emphasized that the traveler's getting only one dose of the anti-corona virus vaccine is not sufficient to cancel the BCR examination.

On the other hand, Minister Hamad Hassan issued a memorandum indicating that the Lebanese Ministry of Health had received an alert from the International Criminal Police (Interpol) about the existence of a criminal organization providing fake PCR tests and operating in a French airport, where it obtained original tests and changed their date and identity of the holder. And setting negative results (not carrying the Corona virus) in digital or printed form for travelers, or positive (infection with the virus) for employees wishing to suspend their activities and work, in exchange for money.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health warned against tampering with the results of the corona examination tests, under any pretext and from any party, stressing that this matter exposes the perpetrator to legal accountability.

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