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Lebanese protesters grab an iron gate leading to the House of Representatives

The vicinity of the Lebanese Parliament in the center of the capital Beirut witnessed a state of tension after demonstrators managed to snatch a giant iron gate at one of the entrances to the parliament headquarters, against the background of the popular movements that erupted at noon today (Saturday) in protest against the deterioration of living and economic conditions and the accelerated collapse in the exchange rate of the Lebanese Pound Lebanese against the US dollar and the great cost of living.

The protesters in downtown Beirut gathered on Beirut Municipality Street after a mass rally that roamed a number of the capital's streets, and worked to snatch an iron gate in front of one of the entrances leading to Nejmeh Square, where the parliament is located.

The protesters threw the security forces stationed behind the gate and the concrete walls placed to protect the entrances to the parliament, using stones and glass containers, which forced the Parliament police and security forces to launch teargas canisters to get the demonstrators to disperse and stop throwing stones.

The Lebanese army also pushed numbers of its forces from the opposite side of Beirut Municipality Street, and military vehicles and armored vehicles were stationed at a close distance from the entrance leading to the headquarters of the Parliament, without any confrontations or clashes between the military forces and the demonstrators.

A large number of demonstrators withdrew from the entrance to the parliament, which witnessed the state of tension, to another location near Martyrs Square (the central demonstration square in central Beirut), where large numbers of riot police and the army were also stationed, to prevent any attempt to storm the parliament headquarters by force. Protesters.

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