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How has the Corona pandemic affected the income of Egyptians by the end of 2020? Info graph

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics confirmed that the Corona pandemic caused a tangible change in family income, and in return we find some economic activities that were affected by the pandemic, which led to a direct decrease in the demand for labor due to the decrease in the demand for activity, the closure of some establishments, the decrease in wages, and the closure of schools and universities. For temporary periods, as well as reduced aid from NGOs.

The Infographic Statistics Authority published the reasons that led to the decrease in the income of individuals in light of the Corona crisis, and the highest rate of wage reduction was 34.4%, followed by the final closure of the activity by up to 32%, then the precautionary measures, which reached 12.5%, and these rates are close to each of Urban and countryside.


The results showed that there are small changes in the percentages of families ’behavioral methods in the event that income is insufficient to meet their needs, and the percentage of families that depend on selling a large part of the property rose to 2.1%, compared to 0.5% in the previous study, as well as a slight decrease in the rest of the methods that families follow. With the increasing dependence of families on the principle of dispensing with part of their basic needs and trying to cope with the lack of income.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics conducted a study during the period from October to last December, which included 13 thousand households from the income, expenditure and consumption research sample in 2019/2020, and compares the changes between the results of the latest report of the agency and the changes that occurred during the last quarter of 2020, to track The virus affected the Egyptian family.

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