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Head of the "Suez Canal Economics": developing the port of El-Arish to meet the needs of investors

Engineer Yahya Zaki, head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, said that the authority is working to develop the port of El-Arish to keep pace with the rest of the ports of the region and to match the ports of the eastern Mediterranean, adding that the development operations that take place at the port come within the framework of the trend towards increasing future circulation rates, as well as entering ships and handling goods to achieve Greater trading rates.


Zaki added, in a press release, today, Friday, that the development will enable the port to receive ships with a tonnage of 20 to 30 thousand tons and deepen the draft to 12 meters, in addition to meeting the demands and needs of customers to export Sinai products to all countries of the world.


With this development, the port’s activity will not be limited to specific types of goods. Rather, other types of general and strategic goods will be traded, after a large number of investors have come to export and import various goods when developing the port to meet the needs of the market, and also provide new job opportunities in all areas that The port's activities serve the people of North Sinai and other governorates.

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