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Does the new Corona strain cause a high death rate?

Only weeks have passed since the discovery of the new Corona virus strains, specifically the Kent variant (B 1.1.7) and the South African strain (B 1.351), but it has become clear that cases are spreading rapidly around the world, and as scientists try to collect all the clinical evidence they can obtain On them, there are new things about the virus that it has a high potential for infection and may be transmitted easily, and it may exceed the protective antibodies that vaccines generate. Worse, it has also become clear that the virus can affect people differently, according to a report by the Times of India website. .

The new strain of Corona causes many symptoms and complications, and people not only report different symptoms, but it has also been observed that the variable displays the healthiest age groups, which were once considered relatively safer with higher risks.

From the more recent reports that have emerged, it is also noted that in many cases the variable may also increase the mortality rate at a high rate and there are many risk factors behind this.

Does the new Corona strain cause a high death rate?


The fast-spreading coronavirus variant, which was first identified in parts of the United Kingdom, is adding more cases at a faster rate than previously identified variants.New research and preliminary results from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) have also determined that the coronavirus variant may increase. It also reduces the risk of dying from the disease by a whopping 33%.

To ensure an increased risk of deaths associated with the dominant strain, London scientists have identified more than 850,000 people who tested positive for the virus between November 2020 and January 2021.

With the new variant, it was also noted that the risk of dying from the virus increased by a few degrees Apart from this, several other studies have found startling evidence indicating increased risk factors with the new strain.

Another study conducted in Australia noted that the risk of death also increases dramatically with age, for patients diagnosed with the new variant, and a research team from Imperial College London noted that the average case-fatality rate was higher for people with the B.1.1.7 strain. .

Who is currently facing higher risk and death risks?


Coronavirus complications and mortality risk are highest for those with weakened immunity, comorbidities, and age-related diseases, according to the study, men between the ages of 70 and 84 have a 5% higher risk of death, and those over the age of 85 have a higher risk of death. 7% higher risk of death.

How lethal is the dominant viral strain?


While doing a lot of research, one of the main reasons why the new variant is able to attack the body in this infectious way is the presence of a spike protein on the surface, which can bypass protective antibodies and lines of defense faster, and this is also the reason why many people feel that vaccines New vaccines may undermine existing vaccines, or require stronger doses today.

Second, another reason behind the delayed consequences and the multifaceted rise in severity and complications is the wrong test, while viral infections can be picked up by any standard PCR test, the variant can only be confirmed through genetic sequencing, and it's a bit more difficult now, at test times. .

 Are young people relatively safe from the virus?

The team of researchers also previously found that the B.1.1.7 variant is more lethal than the original strain for all age groups, races and genders, however, there is also a strange trend that is now observing the increasing number of complications and even deaths observed among the younger population, according to recent research. The new UK virus strain is particularly harmful to those under the age of 20, including younger children as well.

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