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A government official commits suicide in South Korea due to corruption

South Korean police found an official of a state housing development company, killed, in what appeared to be a suicide, due to the scandal of speculation on land by public employees.


According to police sources, an official of the Korean Land and Housing Company was found suspended (by hanging) inside a container in Paju, north of the capital, Seoul, according to what was reported by the South Korean "Yonhap" news agency, today, Saturday.


Police said that no suicide note was found, but the official was said to have sent a text message to his family early in the day indicating that he would commit suicide, and South Korea's Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, Pyeon Chang-hum, submitted his resignation to the president. Moon Jae-in, "Friday.


This came amid a great fanfare due to allegations raised about a number of employees of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation buying lands for speculation by exploiting inside information in cities designated by the government to implement the third new cities project, before the government announced its plan to launch the project.


Regarding the resignation submitted by Pune, President Moon Jae-in said that Minister Pune can only take responsibility.