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A cat was infected with the British Corona strain for the first time in Italy after transmitting the infection to it from humans

Doctors in Italy have been able to diagnose a cat with the British variant of Coronavirus, which is the first known case of cats that have caught the British type in Italy.

According to the "dailymail" newspaper report, the cat - a purebred male from a European group - fell ill in Novara, Italy, about 10 days after the cat owners were diagnosed with the British variant.

Medics added that the symptoms the cat suffered from included breathing problems, but the pet and its owners are now recovering.

Scientists from the Animal Health Research Institute in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta, Italy, discovered that the cat was infected after its owners were infected and the animal was tested, and researchers sought to reduce fears that animals spread the virus, saying: The path of infection shows that humans or cat owners were the ones who transmitted the disease to Cat- not the other way around.

Instead, the researchers warned that people with confirmed corona infection, should avoid close contact with their pets to avoid transmitting the infection to them.

Due to the infection of their owners, pets find themselves living in environments with a strong viral circulation, so it is expected that they, too, will become infected, but there is no scientific evidence that they play a role in the spread of the Corona virus.

Scientists have known for some time that cats are susceptible to infection with corona infection, last year, tests conducted on cats in Hubei Province, China, where the Corona virus first originated, found that 15% of animals have antibodies to fight the virus - indicating that they were infected Sometime with the virus.

Tests conducted in South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States have also confirmed that cats have been infected with the Coronavirus, and at the same time, many zoos - including parks in the United States, Sweden and Spain - have confirmed that tigers and lions can also be infected.

According to the scientists, it is not clear exactly how the animals caught the virus, but it is assumed that the infection occurred due to their proximity to humans, and there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest that cats are able to infect people.

Other animals also proved susceptible to corona infection, including pet dogs, chimpanzees and mink, as infection in mink caused concerns after it was confirmed that mink could infect people later when several cases were discovered in fur farms in Denmark.

This discovery led to the execution of millions of mink across the country and in other European locations, due to concerns that the virus could mutate in animals and cause vaccination superinfection in humans.

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