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What is the hemoglobin C blood test and when will the doctor order it?

The hemoglobin C test is a blood test used to find out if you have hemoglobin C disease, which is a blood disorder that is passed on to you from your parents and causes the disease in the red blood cells to contain hemoglobin C instead of the hemoglobin A found in most people. "We know about this analysis and its uses, according to Rochester."

 In the blood, hemoglobin C forms crystals and makes the blood cells less elastic. This causes the blood to not flow well. Hemoglobin C also causes red blood cells to break down more easily, and they do not live as long as they should.

Hemoglobin C causes a form of hemolytic anemia, such as sickle cell anemia. This means that red blood cells are destroyed and removed from the bloodstream before their normal life span is over. This can cause the number of red blood cells in the blood to drop below normal.

The importance of hemoglobin C analysis


You may need this test because most states in the United States have mandatory screening for sickle-type hemoglobin disorders in newborns, so many people know if they have one of these diseases.However, hemoglobin C often has no symptoms, and it is not done. Some people are diagnosed until adulthood.

Symptoms of this disorder may include joint pain, gallstones, and symptoms associated with anemia, such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, irregular heartbeat, and other heart problems. In these cases, the health care provider may test for the disease.

What other tests might you take with this test?


Along with a hemoglobin analysis, which determines the type and amount of hemoglobin in your blood, your health care provider may perform other blood tests that may include a complete blood cell count, or CBC, and iron tests.

What do the test results mean?


Test results may vary depending on your age, gender, health history, method used for testing, and more. Test results may not mean you have a problem Ask your healthcare provider what the test results mean to you.

How is this test done?


The test is done with a sample of blood and a needle is used to draw blood from a vein in your arm or hand.

What might affect my test results?


In some cases, it can be difficult to tell whether a person has hemoglobin C disease or both hemoglobin C disease and another blood disorder called thalassemia. In these cases, a blood test for both parents may be required to help with the diagnosis.

How do you prepare for this test?


You do not need to prepare for this test Make sure your healthcare provider knows all the medications, herbs, vitamins and supplements you take, including over-the-counter medicines.

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