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Trump's bid for the 2024 election ignites the betting marathon ahead of tonight's speech

Vegas betting agency pioneers favored former President Donald Trump's announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 election during his highly anticipated speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, within hours, according to Business Insider.

Reuters reported last week that the letter is expected to be used to talk about the future of the Republican party and criticize President Joe Biden's efforts to roll back his immigration policies.

But the big question is whether Trump will use his time on stage to announce his presidential candidacy in the 2024 election.

And as of Friday morning, those odds were 4-5, according to US-Bookies betting pools. This indicates that 55.6% implicitly indicated the possibility that Trump would put his name on the list.

"The betting markets seem confident that Trump will announce his candidacy during his speech, but not so much that he will do so as a member of a party that is not the Republican Party," a spokesperson for the US betting agency said. The Republican is 4 to 1, which is equivalent to only a 20% chance. "

More than a dozen of Conservative conference attendees have already said they would support Trump if he were to run again in 2024.

A Politico-Morning Consult poll, published three days after Trump was acquitted in his second trial, found that 54% of Republican voters would support Trump in the primary.

And earlier this week, Utah Senator Mitt Romney said Trump would likely win the Republican presidential nomination if he decides to run again in 2024.

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