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The European Union announces the allocation of 225 million euros to combat the strains of the Corona virus

The European Union announced the provision of at least 75 million euros to develop specialized medical tests to detect new strains of (Covid-19) in member states, as well as 150 million euros to intensify research and exchange information on virus mutations.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen - according to the European network "Euro News" today / Wednesday / - unveiled a new plan for the conglomerate known as "Hera Incubator" - which is the "European Authority for Health Emergency Preparedness and Handling" which is one of the pillars The basic principles of the European Health Union that the official wants to establish.

The "Hera Incubator" aims to counter the mutation of the virus, as it will be a partnership between the public and private sectors, gathering knowledge from researchers, biotechnology companies, manufacturers, the health sector, public authorities and regulatory bodies.

Von der Leyen said that the new virus strains spread throughout the world represent what she described as a "qualitative transmission" in fighting the disease, announcing the conclusion of a second contract with the American company, "Moderna", which manufactured the drug, to purchase 300 million doses of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine. It did not indicate any details regarding this.

The European Commission also wants to increase the speed of the process of briefing the use of compatible vaccines with strains of the virus in order to be able to reach citizens more quickly, and another major measure of the plan will focus on intensifying industrial production of vaccines by monitoring supply chains and addressing obstacles.

The European Union will make updates to its contracts known as "Advance Purchase Agreements" for the supply of vaccines; In order to develop appropriate vaccines, the plan specifies that this must be completed with a detailed and reliable program that demonstrates the ability to produce vaccines in a reliable time frame.

The European Commission also noted that the above does not prevent the European Union from considering dealing with sources outside the bloc if necessary, provided that the safety requirements of the European Union are met, and Brussels intends to launch a clinical trial network with 16 member states and five countries affiliated with the bloc, from Among them is Switzerland, with the aim of "sharing data and also gradually including children and youth as participants in the experiences".

European Union leaders are scheduled to meet next week for a two-day "video conference" feature to approve the new plan.

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