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South Korea imposes a ban on a Boeing model

South Korea announced that foreign aircraft equipped with a "PW4000" engine were banned from passing through its airspace, after an engine failure accident that occurred recently in the United States.

The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said in a statement reported by South Korea's Yonhap Agency, that the landing and departure of foreign planes equipped with the same type of engine that caused the accident will also be banned, provided that this decision will take effect from Thursday.

A Boeing B777-200 aircraft suffered an engine failure after taking off for "Honolulu" last Saturday, then the hood and other parts of the plane were found scattered on the ground in Denver, and the United Airlines plane landed without reporting Injuries on board or on the ground.

Reports said that Boeing has recommended its customers to stop using "777" aircraft equipped with the "PW4000" engine.

The Ministry of Transport in South Korea ordered local airlines to inspect engines of passenger aircraft of the "777" model, as there are 29 aircraft of that type and equipped with the "PW4000" engine of South Korean companies, including 16 aircraft with Korean Airlines, and 4 aircraft with a company. Jane Air, and 9 aircraft for Asiana Airlines.

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