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Mohamed Fakhry is close to returning to forming the National Bank in front of Aswan

Mohamed Fakhry, the game maker of the Al-Ahly Bank team loaned from Al-Ahly, approached the return to forming the team by the technical staff led by Khaled Jalal, who met with all the players, and indicated that everyone will be given the opportunity in the upcoming matches on condition of diligence in training and appearing well.

The National Bank team resumed its daily training after rest 24 hours after the conclusion of the team's closed camp, which was held in a hotel in the 6th of October City, which lasted for four days in preparation for the Aswan match, which was postponed from the thirteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, scheduled for Sunday the 28th of February. At two in the afternoon, it will be hosted by Petro Sport Stadium.

The players of the National Bank and the technical staff led by Khaled Galal underwent a medical swab before the start of the training session on Thursday, as part of the preparations for the Aswan match in the Egyptian Premier League championship in light of the precautionary measures followed by the Egyptian Football Federation, the team went to the Corona swab 72 hours before the match.

Mohamed Bassiouni also returned to participate in group exercises after recovering from a strained injury in the calf muscle, and Mohamed Kofi, Mohamed Magdy, Mohamed Mathanani and Ahmed Ali are still in the post-injury rehabilitation stage.

National Bank ranks the team fifteenth with 10 points from 13 games from winning in one match, drawing in 7 confrontations, losing 5 meetings, and its players scored 10 goals and received 15 goals and still has a postponed match against Aswan in the competition of the 13th round of the life of the league competition to be held on the day Sunday, February 28.