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Moderna is developing a new booster dose for its vaccine against mutated strains of Corona

Moderna revealed that it is working with scientists in the US government to study an experimental booster dose that targets the new variable strain of Corona virus, and aims to produce a global Corona vaccine for this year at 100 million doses, according to the Independent newspaper.

The newspaper said, the US biotechnology company produced a raw material for a booster dose aimed at treating the type of virus that was first discovered in South Africa, which may be more resistant to existing vaccines, and shipped the vaccine to the US National Institutes of Health, which is helping to develop the current Moderna vaccine. And, conducting an additional study, Moderna is experimenting with several potential methods to combat new variants of the virus.

The company added, the vaccine includes an additional booster injection that targets the type now prevalent in South Africa, and is spread worldwide, and it is a combined booster dose that mixes the current Corona vaccine with the experimental vaccine, which is an additional booster dose over its current two-dose vaccine.

It will also try the use of the experimental vaccine and the combined vaccine as primary vaccines against the Corona virus, and give two doses to people who have not yet received an injection and have not been infected.

The United States discovered the first case of the South African type in January, and since then it has appeared in 14 states, according to US government data, many studies indicate that it is more resistant to existing vaccines than other variants of the Corona virus.

Moderna has also raised its projected vaccine production for 2021 to 700 million doses globally from 600 million, and is exploring further improvements to the manufacturing process that could lift production this year to as much as one billion doses.

The company said it was also investing in additional manufacturing capacity that would raise its global production for 2022 to around 1.4 billion doses, from a previous forecast of 1.2 billion.

It usually takes between 6 and 9 months to develop a new manufacturing facility and additional time after that for regulatory checks and to ramp up production, Moderna said.

Moderna has shipped a total of about 60 million doses so far, 55 million of which have gone to the US, explaining, that it is still ramping up its supply chain for global shipments.

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