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Minister of Petroleum: Measures to improve mineral investment stimulate the injection of new funds in Egypt

Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, announced the launch of the third batch of the "Human Capacity Development and Development in the Mining Sector" program implemented by the Mineral Resources Authority in cooperation with Enppi, as part of the ambitious program to develop and modernize the mining sector.


This came during a meeting held by Al-Mulla via video conference in the presence of Eng. Alaa Khashab, Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources and Geologist Osama Farouk, Chairman of the Mineral Resources Authority and Engineer Ashraf Bahaa, President of Enppi, with the newly enrolled cadres of the Mineral Resources Authority in the third batch of this advanced training program, who numbered 80 Trainees from the employees of the Mineral Resources Authority, representing the various job levels, whether youth or middle management and senior management.


The program focuses on developing the managerial and technological skills of the trainees as well as the economics of the mining industry.


Al-Mulla stressed that what the mining sector witnessed during the recent period of a new qualitative leap at the level of legislation, regulatory procedures and the investment climate, and the injection of new investments must be accompanied by an investment in the human element, which is one of the most important sources of strength for the sector, and work is underway to develop and develop it according to the latest programs to find qualified cadres Administratively and technically to manage the mining work and keep up with the new investment flows to the sector, especially with the recent success of the gold search auction in attracting 11 Egyptian and international companies to invest in this activity, and that the measures supporting to improve the mining investment climate motivate more investors to make decisions and pump their investments into Egypt through auctions. New.


Al-Mulla called on the trainees to intensify their efforts and invest the opportunity to make the most of the program, which was prepared in accordance with international standards, and to use it with the highest technological means and the best trainers.

It is worth noting that the first and second batches of the program have successfully passed with a total of 170 trainees, and after the end of the third batch program, 3 more batches of the same program will be launched for completion before the end of the current year, with a total of 450 trainees for all batches.

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