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5 common myths about hair care ... most notably, washing it with cold water increases its shine

Winter weather affects the health of the hair, as it makes it fragile, looks curly, dull, weak and dry, which may result in hair loss and loss of its shine, in addition to that, poor hair care leads to dryness, itchy scalp and hair loss as well, while some people ignore the methods Proper hair care Amid the spread of a group of myths about false hair and scalp care methods, especially in winter, there are 6 common myths monitored by "onlymyhealth".

Here are 6 false facts about winter hair care:

Myth 1: Avoid washing your hair daily

This is not true, as washing hair daily helps get rid of frizzy and falling hair, but you must take into account the use of a suitable shampoo for your hair because in fact it helps to get clean hair.

Myth 2: Apply hair oil daily and massage it

Another myth is that some people resort to applying oil daily in winter to get rid of dry hair and itchy scalp, and this is not recommended because it leads to hair loss, and there is another myth that claims that frequent scalp massage is important to control hair loss and this is something Not true at all.

Myth 3: Washing hair with cold water enhances its shine

This is not true, there is no relationship between the water temperature and the shine of the hair, as some people neglect to wash their hair in the winter because it causes dryness and this is just a myth.

Myth 4: Washing hair with hot water is good for hair

Some people believe that washing hair with hot water will fight against a cold in the winter, and this is just a myth because hot water causes dry hair and harms the scalp.

Myth 5: Using hair mask instead of conditioner will make it softer.

Each hair mask has different components and characteristics than others, and its use depends on the type and quality of the hair, and it is not preferable to use it daily only once a week.

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